Accessible, highly proficient,
& quality development practices.


At Tampa Bay City Living, we focus on our passion: constructing design-focused townhouse projects through accessible, highly proficient, and quality development practices.

TBCL was founded by Jeff Craft and Mike Lenhart. The company builds projects in the fashionable downtown cores of Tampa and St. Petersburg to further enrich these communities, enhance resident lifestyles and increase value. When constructing a property, we not only focus on the excellence of the build, but also the lifestyle potential beyond completion of the project. We want you to fully enjoy all your neighborhood has to offer, which is why we relish in building within close proximity to an array of restaurants, shops, recreational activities and the arts.

Our aspiration for top-notch quality combined with an excellent history of development experience gives buyers the confidence that their new home will be of superior class and style. We stay ahead of the times by applying the latest in on-trend architecture, finishes, technology and modern flair. In addition, we take advantage of design-build methodology which means there is superior communication between the architect and builder team, creating a streamlined process that makes for an efficient and steadfast timeline.

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